Africa Skate ball was originated from Africa in nigeria and it was invented in the year 4th January, 2004. By Kingsley Kedron Nkisa (a.k.a King of Skaters).This game started far back when I was in Port-Harcourt rivers state,when i saw people skating for the first time.I was really impressed and fascinated because ,not untill then I thought that skating was exclusive preserved of with people ,because it’s only the white people you watch on TV skating so,from then I develop interest after which. I started looking at other game one can do with skating, I discovered that there is ice skating, skate hockey and other skating games, except skating with ball.

Then I decided to start developing the game known as AFRICA SKATE BALLL, which I pictured in my dream. To develop the game further I started by outlining the rules and regulation that govern game and also drawing up a sizeable pitch and convenient playing pitch which has to b hard floor or tarred floor that will enable the roller to move smoothly,and of course with the right measurement for space and safety measures.

I believe all these can be improved upon later as the game develops further, in the quest of developing the game I appeal to well meaning Nigerians, governments, individual and co-operate body to come and assist financially and moral support in the development of the project.
The game Africa Skate ball has been duly registered as well as the club, Big Heart Skaters(BHS) on 16th January 2006 with the co-operate affair commission(C.A.C) and ministry of commerce ,which have a legal backing to operate. The first major competition that was held involved most of the 36 state skating clubs in Nigeria, which took place in National stadium surulere Lagos Nigeria on this day 26th November,2011.Which the final was play by Big Heart Skaters vs Abuja Skaters.Abuja skaters won the match with free ball (PENALTY) 5-4 a giant golden trophy was presented to them by the National stadium manager surulere lagos Mr Engineer A.A Alanormu.
Since then more of the game are been played by skate clubs in Nigeria.
Kingsley Adimine Nkisa a.k.a kings kedron

Skate ball logo

Africa Skate ball goal box on Green White Green



Africa Skate ball training #

Africa Skate ball friendly’s Young Quality skaters vs. Big Heart Skaters#
Abuja Skaters winners of the first interstate’s Africa skate ball championship 26th 11,2011.
That is the trophies stadium manager handed over to Abuja Skaters,the stadium manager at the middle, the inventor on red
2nd position Big Heart Skaters
3rd position Xtream Wheels