About Us

We are the No 1 Skate club in Nigeria and we trained most of the professional skaters out their on how to glide and be flexible very well.

Big Heart Stake Club was founded with the need to popularize Roller skating in Nigeria and Africa.

Knowing the excitement, fun and adventure it could bring to people, roller skating enthusiasts decided to come together to provide an avenue for numerous Nigerians and people from neighboring African countries to discover new path of fun and extreme adventure and ultimately to make roller skating a popular sport.

Having reached a unanimous decision to call the new and promising skate club- Big Heart Skate Club on 16th January 2006, the club became registered and recognized and can operate under the law by the corporate affairs commission (CAC) Since our inception as a skating club we’ve encountered some huge challenges that rather than deplete us, but has strengthen us for more challenges.

One challenge that props up in the mind easily is the invention of Skate Ball – a game/sport gradually gaining popularity in the country. Also the challenge of making and fine-tuning the rules of the game ,because of its importance in the success of the sport.